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From the band -
Ever heard of Maroon 5? Adam Levine’s makeup artist once did Chris’ makeup for a show. Mind you, this was a long time ago -back in his old band, Varsity Heroes. 

You’ve never heard of Varsity Heroes? Dang. 
Well, they were a pretty big deal. 

The guitar player’s kid brother once met Nick Wheeler of All-American Rejects outside of the Campbell Gaslighter. I think he was in a band called Jesus Abs, or something like that. Good band. Kid could play, that’s for sure. 

Flash forward a few years. Chris -the guy who had his makeup done by Maroon 5- now plays for this band called Talkie...from Fremont, I think -about 30 miles outside of San Francisco. I'm pretty sure they once played on the same stage that the Grateful Dead played on. They put out an album called "Hablas" a few years back. It’s not for everyone. I enjoyed it though. 

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I hear they’ve been working on a new record. Fundamental Things. Not sure why that matters. Nobody listens to records anymore. Nobody listens to anything anymore. Well, except for me. Whatever. 

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*Fundamental Things NOW available
through all digital retailers. 


1. As Time Goes By
2. Fuzzy Disco
3. Marcy
4. Sorry, Shy
5. Costa Rica
6. Ready
7. Another
8. How's the Weather?
9. Headfone, Pt. 1

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Formed in 2014, Talkie consists of drummer Eric Martin, guitarist Christopher Isaacs, and brothers Bradley and Matthew Hagmann –all of whom met while touring in previous acts. The result of their combined experience and chemistry is a fresh brand of rock and roll that’s as influenced by 60′s brit-invasion as it is 90′s alternative. Talkie's debut album, the self-recorded, self-produced Hablas, was released for free in the Fall of 2015. SF Weekly said of the album: “a mixture of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Flaming Lips, which is to say, there's a lot of harmonies and sweet, sweet guitar-driven melodies.” The band's debut peaked at #92 on CMJ, #49 on FMQB, and garnered features from Radio K (Minneapolis KUOM) and Alt 105.3 (San Francisco KITS). Talkie's sophomore album, Fundamental Things, is scheduled for release April 27th, 2018. PlaylistPlay describes the new album as "the perfect album for the (Summer) season; a dazzling, dynamic, jaunty, fun piece of work."

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