11/20/15 - 
Our new album, Hablas, will soon be available to all mankind. That being said, we'd like to offer the album to you as a free "preview" download thing for the next 72-hours. We only ask that you share the experience with a friend. 

Click the Hablas tab for more info.

11/11/15 -
It is with great pride and bravado that we announce our new album: the double-LP experience, Hablas.
Visit our new Hablas tab here on the site and you will understand everything.

9/6/15 -
Summer has been crazy. Quite frankly, I'm done with the heat. Really, I'm just done with the Sun in general. Hot is overrated. The jury's still out on Sun. However, amidst the sweat and broken air conditioners, the band has seen a season wrought with productivity and high spirits. We had the opportunity to headline and pack out the DNA Lounge with our friends at Slospeak, showcase for some folks down at E3, record an exclusive session for American Airlines, and watch the band's self-titled EP rise to #115 on the Billboard CMJ charts. We were also recently interviewed and featured in Content Magazine (thanks, Anna!) which led to an invitation to perform at Gore Park for the annual SoFA Street Fair -which should be nuts.

Needless to say, it's been an exciting time here at Mother Base.
Needles to say, we're working on something cool. Stay tombed.

4/16/15 -
Our music is now being played in Starbucks, Chili's, REI, Jack in the Box, and the L.L. Beanses of God's America.
So that's a thing. Next time you debate ordering that Queso dip, think of me.

2/17/15 - 
It is with great excitement that we announce our first headlining show at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco! Gonna be nuts.
$8 - super deluxe cheap.

Wanna buy some tickets?

Our debut is out today, thanks to Slospeak Records and Milkcarton Media Group!
Pick up a copy for mad cheap on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon!
Do ettt.



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Sometimes, we like to write about cool stuff. Sometimes, we do not.

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