2/17/15 - 
It is with great excitement that we announce our first headlining show at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco! Gonna be nuts.
$8 - super deluxe cheap.

Wanna buy some TICKETS?

Our debut is out today, thanks to Slospeak Records and Milkcarton Media Group!
Pick up a copy for mad cheap on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon!
Do ettt.


Preorders for our debut EP are now up on iTunes for $2.99! Order a copy today and you’ll get an early download of our new song, “Dark” -which we are quite excited about.

Available via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

(Buy all our playsets and toys, kids.)

Here's the thing...actually TWO THINGS.

Number One.
We are excited to announce that Slospeak Records and Milkcarton Media Group will be partnering to bring you the official release of our debut 5-song EP! This will be the first time we've had our music available for sale digitally, and we hope you all pick up a copy. In our own excitement, we even recorded a new song just for this release (...which turned out quite well, if I do say so myself). Content Magazine even referred to the songs as "relatable and sophisticated, -yet incredibly catchy", which is always nice to hear. The Talkie EP is due to be released January 27th, everywhere and wherever music is sold...digitally. Pre-order info to come :}

Number Two.
A few months back, we got the opportunity to head into the studio with some cool people at American Airlines. They interviewed us, and it was dope. They filmed it, even. We also recorded an acoustic cut of "Lavos", which will be exclusively featured (along with the interview, and our upcoming EP) as in-flight programming for all American Airline flights over the next several months. YES. So tight. This is sure to be a righteous opportunity for we who have proven time and time and time and time again to be the greatest band in the world.

We have much more news to share, but my fingers got tired of typing.
Happy New Year!


11/20/14 - 
The band was recently featured in this cool new music-based multiplayer game called "Lyricle" for Android phones. Matty and I produced all the SFX for said game. Check it!
LYRICLE Think you know music?

10/10/14 - 
Welcome to the newly-official Talkie website. And I mean it's pretty dang new. 
Like, I literally just made it a few days ago.

Poke around a bit, and check it out.
We've got a bunch of stuff to share with you here on the internets -all tucked within this neat little package. 

So please, click on things. Do the type-type. I do believe you will be pleased with what you find.



"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." 

-Dopey Swaggz

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